WOD 16-09-2018


A. Mobility and tech and strategy on the WOD

B. In Buddies:
1) 3 min of ME Shoulder to Overhead 40/30kg
1 min rest
2) 4 min of ME Power Cleans 60/40kg
2 min rest
3) 5 min of ME Cal on Ski-erg
3 min rest
4) 6 min of ME Burpees

every part of this BuddieWOD is based on the ‘You go I go” principle, pax 1 does as many reps as he/she can then your buddie does the same.


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WOD 15-09-2018


A. Mobility work and Technique on the movements of the WOD

B. for time:
1600 m Row
100 Squats
800 m Run
50 T2B
400 m Ski-erg
25 HSPU’s
200 DU’s

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WOD 13-09-2018


A. L- sit reverse Tabata

B. Hollow rocks Tabata

C. 3 rounds of : 5 MU transitions, 5 ring rows, 5 ring dips

D. Tech: MU

E. Finisher, 16 min EMOM of:
odd min: ME Muscle Ups
even min: rest

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WOD 12-09-2018


A. Dodgeball 😉

B. Technique on Thrusters and Ski-erg

C. 20 min Every Minute On the Minute (EMOM), divided by:
– 1st min: 15 kcal Ski-erg
– 2nd min: 12 Thrusters 40/30kg
– 3rd min: ME Burpees over the bar
– 4rd min: rest

Score is, total nr. of Burpees. 
Note: you have to finish all the reps first before you can start with the burpees. 


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WOD 11-09-2018


A. Good Morning 2×15 ’30

B. Romanian Deadlift 3|5-8|2″

C. For time:
21 Deadlifts
400m Run
18 Deadlifts
400m Run
15 Deadlifts
400m Run
12 Deadlifts
400m Run

(no weights are prescribed)

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WOD 10-09-2018


A. Back Squat, 3|5×2 ’20|3″

B. “Chelsea”
Every minute on the minute for 30 minutes perform:
– 5 Pull-ups
– 10 Push-ups
– 15 Squats

If you fall behind the clock, keep going for 30 min. and see how many rounds you can complete. If you’ve finished the workout before, this time add 1 rep to each exercise—i.e., 6 pull-ups, 11 push-ups, and 16 squats each minute—and see if you can go the full 30 minutes.


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WOD 09-09-2018


A. Yoke Straps: 
– Over Head press 2×10 ’30
– Over Head (snatch grip) carry 4x 30m.

B. Technique on the Snatch

C. Snatch 2-2-2-2-2-2

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WOD 08-09-2018


A. Sandbag Bearhug Walk 400m.

B. Technique on Toes to Bar

C. For time, 5 rounds of:
  5 Deadlifts 140/100kg
10 Burpees over the bar
15 Toes to bar