WOD 02-09-2014


A. Mobility 
– Squat botom position
– Front rack

B. Technique
BearComplex & Rope Climb

C. For time
* 7 * 6 * 5 * 4 * 3 * 2 * 1 *
– BearComplex.
* = Rope Climb

1 BearComplex = 1 PowerClean, 1 Front Squat, 1 PushPress, 1 Back Squat, 1 Push Press from behind the neck.
Timecap 25 min.

WOD 01-09-2014


A. Warm up and Mobility

B. For time
– 50 Pull-ups
– 50 KB Swings 24/20
– Run 400m
– 35 Goblet Squats
– 35 Push Ups
– Run 400m
– 25 Box Jumps over te box.

WOD 30-08-2014


A. Handstand Progressions

B. 10 min Ladder
– 2 Burpees/ 2 Pistols Alt.
– 4 Burpees/ 4 Pistols Alt.
– 6 Burpees/ 6 Pistols Alt.
– 8 Burpees/ 8 Pistols Alt.

WOD 28-08-2014


For time:
– Run 400m
– 50 Pull-ups
– 100 Push-ups
– 150 Squats
– Run 400m

Nutrition part 2.

Good day all!!! 
As promised here is number two of my three-part nutrition blog. Last blog we looked at what to eat according to official CrossFit lecture. This blog we will look at the well-known Paleo diet. What is the Paleo diet exactly? What are the pro’s and cons with adopting a diet like this? Should everyone follow the same guidelines? I hope to give you some insight into these topics with this blog.


The Paleo diet is basically a diet where you eat food that the “Caveman” from the Paleolithic Era ate. This food consists of plants (fruits and vegetables), nuts and seeds, and animals (fish, meat and eggs). So basically this has a lot in common with the “CrossFit-recommendation” of what to eat. Eat your fruits and veggies, nuts and seeds, meat and fish and don’t eat anything that’s not natural. So far so good. But there are some rules to follow if one wants to strictly dedicate to the Paleo Diet.

What to eat?
– Grass-produced meats
– Fish/seafood
– Fresh fruits and veggies
– Eggs
– Nuts and seeds
– Healthful oils (Olive, walnut, flaxseed, macadamia, avocado, coconut)

What not to eat?
– Grains
– Legumes (including peanuts)
– Dairy
– Refined sugar
– Potatoes
– Processed foods
– Refined vegetable oils

Let’s take a closer look at 3 the 3 biggest “Not to eat issues”. Grains, Legumes and Dairy.
3 ingredients of the Western Diet that most people wouldn’t cut out because they feel like that’s
what’s filling the stomach.

1. No grains
Why no grains? Well they are mostly a product of human agriculture. And if you are strictly following a diet that stems from the Paleolithic Era, that means that humans back then where not able to grow and harvest grains like we do now. This also automatically implies that our bodies cannot process grains in a proper manner.  Which means no bread, pasta, rice, oatmeal or anything like that.

2. No legumes (peulvruchten in Dutch).
And what about the legumes? Because they contain a lot of Phytates that could be harmful if eaten in generous amounts. These Phytates could stop your body from absorbing nutrients from other foods like your veggies. Not so good right? There are other sources out there that actually believe the contrary, but that is a discussion too long for this post.
For more info on this topic see http://paleomagazine.com/paleo-why-legumes-are-bad

3. No dairy.
Just like rule number 1 this is up for discussion but I’m just following the strict Paleo guidelines here. Dairy contains lactose, which is very hard to digest for a lot of people. About 75 percent of the world’s population is genetically unable to properly digest milk and other dairy products — a problem called lactose intolerance.
Sometimes these digestion problems can lead to other health problems. For example cow milk drinking is implicated with a variety of autoimmune diseases including but not limited to multiple sclerosis, type 1 diabetes, Crohn’s disease, and ulcerative colitis.

Most people don’t know they’re lactose intolerant but do have health problems that could be linked to this. Therefore the Paleo diet suggests cutting out any product that contains lactose like milk, cheese or butter to see if this will solve health problems.

Going strict Paleo can really help you feeling more energetic, fitter and better overall. If not it will definitely help you on track to a diet that fits you personally. It’s a good starting point to better overall health and off course fitness performance. Besides that you will learn a lot about nutrition. Something everybody should do.

There is for example a „Whole-30” challenge. In this challenge people try to eat strict Paleo for 30 days in a row. This mostly to see if they can perform better and get healthier than before. Also this can be a good starting point to figure out what kind of food your body accepts and doesn’t accept.
For more info on using Paleo to solve Health problems follow this link http://whole30.com/whole30-program-rules/ or order Diane Sanfilippo’s books here http://www.bol.com/nl/s/boeken/DianeSanfilippo starting with Practical Paleo.

Going strict Paleo does not work for a lot of people. Mostly getting a good amount of calories in will be a challenge for a lot of CrossFitters. Especially for a little guy like me. I need my calories and mostly eating a lot of fat (Nuts, seeds, avocado’s etc) and meat did not work for me. It was a step forward from what I was eating before. But soon enough I noticed that my performance inside and outside the box was lacking.


And this is where we come to the individual Paleo diet. I mostly tell people that I eat Paleo. But I’m certainly not strict. Sometimes I eat legumes, carbs, rice and off course I’ve got my cheat meal once-in-a-while. As I said the Paleo diet works for some and doesn’t work for others. But it is definitely a good starting point for everyone. Use it as a template and add what you need to keep your energy levels up.

Then to close off let’s discuss the term “diet”. I don’t like that term because it implies a beginning and an end. Like you are deciding you are going to eat clean for two months to get some results and then go back to your old crappy eating routine. I like to think of it more as a lifestyle. You want results? You want to get healthy? For the rest of your life? That means your in this for life. Sure have a cheat meal now and then. Eat some ice cream or pizza. Drink some beers or scotch. Live your life! But don’t make it a habit to put crap in your body. Make it a habit to put healthy stuff in you body and you will get results!

See you next week!!

WOD 27-08-2014


A. L-sit
5x Max Effort ’90

B. 15 minAMRAP
– 30 Double Unders
– 25 Squats
– 20 Toes2Bar
– 15 Ground2Overhead 50/30
– 10 Overhead Squat

WOD 25-08-2014


A. 100 Jump’N’Rope test:
– 1 min Speed Steps
– 1 min Double Unders

B. “Griff”
For time:
– Run 800 meters
– Run 400 meters backwards
– Run 800 meters
– Run 400 meters backwards