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WOD 26-09-2018


A. 4x Clean Complex consisting of:
– 1 Squat Clean
– 2 Hang Squat Clean
– 1 Squat Clean

B. Tech & Play:
Keg to shoulder and Keg shoulder to overhead (20 min)

C. 5 min of Heavy Sandbag Challenge:
– 10 Bearhug Sandbag Squats + 15 m of Bearhug Sandbag Carry
– 9 Bearhug Sandbag Squats + 15 m of Bearhug Sandbag Carry
– 8 Bearhug Sandbag Squats + 15 m of Bearhug Sandbag Carry
– etc. till 1 Sandbag Squat and 15 m of Bearhug Sandbag Carry to finish.

note: every time you need to drop the sandbag perform 5 Burpees as a penalty before continuing the WOD

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WOD 25-09-2018


A. Floor Presses 3×5 ’90

B. Bench Press 3×8 2″

C. Death by Pullups!
With a continuously running clock perform:
1 Pull-up in the first 1 min
2 Pull-ups in the second 1 min
3 Pull-ups in the third 1 min

Continuing this for as long as you are able.

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WOD 24-09-2018


A. Romanian Deadlift (RDL) 3x 5 ’90

B. Technique on the movements of the WOD

C. For time:
60 Single-leg squats (pistols), alternating
50 Wall-ball shots, 20-lb. ball
40 Box Jumps, 24-in. box
30 Deadlifts, 85/55kg
20 Power Cleans, 85/55kg
10 Front Squats, 85/55kg

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WOD 23-09-2018


A. Kettlebell Turkish Get-Ups 2x 10 reps (5x Left arm, 5x Right arm)

B. Kettlebell Waiters Walk, 2x 60m (30 m Left arm, 30 m Right arm)

C. Technique on Push Jerk and Split Jerk

D. 3 rounds for time of:
Run 400 m
10 Shoulder to Overhead 80/60kg


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WOD 22-09-2018


A. 5x Clean Complex of:
1 Power Clean
2 Hang Squat Cleans
3 Squat Cleans

B. For time:
100 Squats
15-ft. rope climb, 4 ascents
75 Squats
15-ft. rope climb, 3 ascents
50 Squats
15-ft. rope climb, 2 ascents
25 Squats
15-ft. rope climb, 1 ascent

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WOD 20-09-2018


A. Technique: Sumo Deadlift High Pull (SDHP)

B. For time, 9-15-21 reps of:
Cal Ski-erg
SDHP 60/40kg
Shoulder to Overhead 60/40kg
Burpees over the bar

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WOD 19-09-2018


A. Technique: Rowing 

B. 5x 2 minute rounds of:
10 Thrusters 40/30kg
200 m. Row
Max-rep Thrusters

Rest 3 minutes between rounds. 

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WOD 18-09-2018


A. 5 rounds of the following Clean Complex:
-1 Power Clean
-1 High Hang Squat Clean
-1 Hang Squat Clean
-1 Squat Clean

rest as needed between rounds, up the weight per round.

B. “Foodchain 500’s”
6 rounds of 500 m. rowing. 2 min rest between rounds (source: Darkhorse)

after every round, rearrange the athletes, so that the best score is on the farest right side rower and the worst score of that round on the left rower. 
Goals to stay fast and persistent.

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WOD 17-09-2018


A. Wall Climbers 3|5| ’60

B. Shoulder taps

C. KB Z-Press 3|10|’60

D. for time:
Handstand Walk for 100 m, every time you drop, perform 3 Burpees.