25 June 2020 | by CrossFit Amsterdam


BOX-OUT WOD: 26 June 2020

2 x 14 minute AMRAP's of:

A. 14 Minute AMRAP
20 Push Ups/V-Sit Ups
10 Double Kettlebell Shoulder to Overhead 24/ 16 kg
5 Wall Walks

B. 14 Minute AMRAP
40 Jumping Lunges
10 Double Dumbell Front Squats 22.5/ 15 kg
100 m Double Dumbell Farmers Carry

note: rest 3 minutes between AMRAP's

5 days to go till


After 3 months completely shut and 1 month outside WOD's we are sooooo ready to get full acces to the box again! 
Meaning Barbells, Oly platforms, Ski-ergs, Rowing, Kegs, Sledding and so much more of this good stuff. 

We are ready! Are you?!