19 December 2019 | by CrossFit Amsterdam


Benchmark: 20 December 2019


Dedicated to Dutch Sergeant Mark Weijdt, 24 years old, of the 11 Airmobile brigade 12e Regiment van Hutzs who was killed by an IED during a peace mission in Afghanistan on December 19, 2008.
Designed by our friend Michael Wilson (CrossFit Arnhem) who served with him: "Mark was a sergeant and my squad leader. He was a sniper. He was a fun guy, very passionate, always positive. I chose these 3 movements to increase heart rate (like the adrenaline rush during our act), box jumps since we were on a hill, and squat cleans because we had to carry Mark (prescribed weight was roughly Mark's weight)."
The significance of the rep scheme is:
- 19th day
- 12th month
- 8th year
- 5 years since his passing (when the WOD was created in 2013)

5 Rounds for time of:
19 C2B Pull Ups
12 Box Jumps 30/24 inch
8 Squat Cleans 75/45 kg

Scaled version:
5 rounds of
19 Pull ups/ 19 Ring rows
12 Box Jumps of Box Steps
8 Squat Clean