14 January 2020 | by CrossFit Amsterdam


Benchmark: 15 January 2020

A. Deadstop Deadlift
4 | 10 | 3"


21-15-9 Reps, for time, of:
Thrusters 42.5/30 kg

Pull Ups

“If a hurricane that wreaks havoc on a whole town can be Fran, so can a workout.”—Greg Glassman, owner and founder of CrossFit Inc.

"Fran" is arguably the most famous of the original six CrossFit "Girls" WODs. It was first posted on the CrossFit Main Site as the workout of the day for November 21, 2004, but it was created by Glassman years earlier (in the 1970's) to help him build conditioning as a competitive gymnast.

A September 2013 CrossFit Journal article stated: "not only does ["Elizabeth," "Diane" and "Fran"] combine weightlifting and a calisthenic element but is a powerful whole body workout containing functional hip, pushing, and pulling movements.

But the crushing charm of these ladies lies in their magnificent capacity to root out weaknesses and humiliate you with them. For many athletes the high rep deadlifts at 225 pounds, cleans at 135 pounds, and thrusters at 95 pounds are easy. For these same athlete's handstand push-ups, ring dips, and pull-ups are very likely deficiencies. Typically, these athletes are larger. Similarly, those athletes for whom handstand push-ups, pull-ups, and ring dips are a breeze are nearly certain to bristle at these loads and high reps in the weightlifting. Typically, these athletes are smaller. Do these workouts favor middleweights? It doesn’t seem so. The middleweights seem to suffer at both ends."

Watch "The Story of Fran."

Tips and Strategy: Prior to "3...2...1...GO!" pick a tough (yet realistic) rep scheme that allows you to go fast. If unbroken sets isn't appropriate for your fitness level yet, try this: Break the sets of 21 into 3 sets of 7 reps; break the sets of 15 into 2 sets of 8 and 7 respectively; and go unbroken on the sets of 9. Rest minimally during breaks.

Intended Stimulus: "Fran" should be fast and light. During the WOD, you should (at least once) wonder why the hell you agreed to this.


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