Willem vW Memorial WOD

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10 May 2019 | by CrossFit Amsterdam

On the 25th of May 2018 Willem van Woerden died in a fatal car crash.
Willem was a close friend, a coach and a member of CrossFit Amsterdam for more than 7 years.
He was only 30 years old and was survived by his wife and two young kids.
We can’t believe it’s been almost a year, to us it still feels like yesterday.

On Saturday May 25th, we will honor him with a work out that we made for him. We will do this with Willem’s family, friends and our community.
This day is not just about doing a WOD in his memory, it’s also about sharing memories and remembering a very special and loved friend.
As we did in August on the first memorial WOD, we would like to collect money to make a donation to his wife and kids for a Summer Holiday.

Willem was a Marine and loved CrossFit!
His WOD is heavy and challenging and include his favorite movements.
We will all do our best to complete this WOD and honor him by doing so.
Of course scaling options will be available too.

Willem vW
Buy in: 500m Row

4 Rounds of
14 Deadlifts 100/80 kg
11 Power Cleans 80/60 kg
19 Push Jerks 60/45 kg
87 Double unders

Buy out:
1600m Run

Starting at 08:00 in the morning up till 14:00 in the afternoon we will do this work out every hour. We will include a warm up and some time to put your stuff away, so in total we’ll need 1hr and 15 minutes per group of 16 people.

If you’re not a member of our community and would like to join us, please buy a Drop In via our website. A drop in will cost €15,- and will be donated to his family as well. Please contact us if you can’t come and still want to make a donation or if you would like to join with a bigger group.

If you sign-up please be on time. A late-cancel or no-show will not be appreciated, so please plan wisely.
This day means a lot to us. We hope to see you Saturday the 25th!