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The only way to find out if suits CrossFit you, is to experience it yourself in our box! Young, old, fit, out of shape, with or without experience … CrossFit is for everyone! The road to fitness begins here!

In CrossFit, you must be willing to work each and every time you do a WOD (workout of the day). We expect at least 200% effort! Just so you get better, faster and fitter.

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In our Try out we will tell you everything you need to know about CrossFit Amsterdam and let you experience what it’s like to do a real WOD. Of course, this lesson is for people of all fitness levels. So do not hesitate and sign up just using the form below.

Try out Dates in 2018!
2018 January 19th18:00h
2018 February 23rd18:00h
2018 March 23rd18:00h
2018 April 20th18:00h
2018 May 18th18:00h
2018 June 22nd18:00h
2018 July 20th18:00h
2018 August 24th18:00h
2018 September 21st18:00h
2018 October 19th18:00h
2018 November 23rd18:00h

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