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The CrossFit Open 19.2 Recap

Almost the perfect test of fitness!

Heavy Squat Cleans we meet again.

Friday the 1st of March, another open workout and in the spirit of CrossFit it was another repeat from previous years. Anyone who has done this workout previously knew the pain that was coming! Apparently your reward for getting fitter was an opportunity to do more work! Well played Dave Castro, well played.

In what I feel is almost a perfect test of fitness, everyone was faced with Toes to Bar, Double Unders and a Squat Clean ladder where the reps decreased but the weight increased. Sounded simply in theory.

All athletes handled themselves so well during the workout. Prior to starting we heard plenty of “I’m going to do the scaled workout because I can’t do (Toes to Bars/ Double Unders)“, however with a little encouragement from coaches and those around them these people surprised themselves and achieved some amazing results. We had personal bests in Toes to Bar completed, Double Unders completed and also the Squat Cleans! Not much more you can ask for as a community.

Once again, much like 19.1, most people looked up at the clock longingly after about 4 minutes wondering how this could hurt so much, but everyone soldiered on. Breathing became difficult and moving the Barbell got much tougher than normal, but the good technique from Athletes kept them in going.

It was great to see that there were no skipping ropes thrown across the room in anger, great self control team.

It is tough to single out individuals on the evening, however great to see Tim Zoutendijk getting to the 102.5kg bar, Max Haberbosch getting to the Squat Cleans after being adamant he wouldn’t get through the doubles, Gian Minnis cleaning the 83kg bar after looking at it lovingly three years ago and of course as coaches the best thing was everyone getting around and supporting and cheering on all other athletes throughout the night!

What will 19.3 have in store for us!! My guess - Deadlifts, Bar Muscle-ups, Dumbbells and Box Jumps!

05 March 2019 | by CrossFit Amsterdam