to excel commonly well.

Learn from the best to be the best you can be!

In CrossFit we are specialised in not specialising!
So we mix and match everything, go hard and have fun!
But at some point though, we need to put some extra effort in our skills that are underdeveloped (our so-called weaknesses). Or throughout our CrossFit program you just found “a new love” and like lovers do you want to spend as much time together as possible, to really get all the ins and outs of that new cool exercise, modality or sport.

For those athletes who want to put some extra work in for a certain area we call upon specialists in their field and introduce to you; CrossFit Amsterdam’s Specialty Classes!

CrossFit Amsterdam
in the wild.

THE outdoor training in Amsterdam

“No matter the weather we train for the better!”
With CrossFit@thePark we always train outside and we do so all year round! In the elements of nature we forge fitness in everything we come across. Call it roadwork, call it fartlek training, hack… call it MacGyver stuff… Fact is we get creative with nature to make you break a sweat and let you do things you haven’t done before, pushing your limits for the greater cause in making you as fit as possible. In CrossFit@thepark we use more of your own bodyweight and that of your buddies to create an extra stimulus. Next to that we try to let you work with as many odd objects that we can find. You can find us hanging underneath bridges, pushing cars around, going through the mud or water, carrying logs, jerrycans, ropes, you name it….
Never dull a dull moment with Crossfit@thePark!
The ideal prep for all kinds of “funruns”, like Mudmasters, Vikingrun etc, and the real survival runs.    

CrossFit@thePark is included in all our memberships.
If you’re not a member of our box, you will pay;
• 10 Punchcard €100,-
• Per class €10,-

Weightlifting is for everybody!

slow is smooth, smooth is fast

Because, strong people are harder to kill and more useful in general…

In CrossFit proper Weightlifting is essential and more and more a common good.
And just to be honest… it’s freakin sexy when you make your lifts look so easy while we know it’s not. “Slow is smooth, smooth is fast!”
In our weightlifting classes we’ll teach you the mechanics of olympic lifts. We break these difficult movements down in easy bits and pieces so we can fix you and help you get better.

These classes are for everyone.
We offer you a Beginner/Intermediate class on Tuesday evening and an Advanced Weightlifting Class on Thursday evening.
On Tuesdays class, we’ll be doing a lot more barbell conditioning (tech work with an empty barbell), skill and beneficial strength work to rapidly improve the skill set of the athlete in the Olympic lifts (Snatch and Clean&Jerk). The programming is based on a 12 week program. That way we can work up with the athlete to an improvement of 10-15% in these lifts.
The Advanced Thursdays we’ll be working on percentages of a 1 Repetition Max in the Oly lifts. And like the beginner class this is based on a 12 week programming. We’ll build you up to be a better lifter and improve your lifts. These classes are only available for the more experienced CrossFitter/ Lifter, with a decent skill set in the basic lifts. This is essential to not get injured! We know the average CrossFitter from experience and sometimes slowing you down will give you more time to work on the fine details which will make you a better athlete in the end. Most CrossFitters don’t need motivation to work hard! We know we need to protect the people we love! So first take your time to master the basics and then sign your ass up for these classes, BECAUSE it’s freaking COOL!

show total body control.

Difference between pro’s and amateurs, pro’s are better in the basics…

Gymnastics is the base of movement, period!

The difference between the pro’s and the amateurs is that the pro’s are better in the basics.

In this specialty we break complex gymnastic movements down into trainable pieces.
Every class is a 1,5 h. sessions in which we strictly stick to the basics and we emphasize as much on technique as possible. It will help you create an awesome awareness and body control which will not only help you tremendously during the WODs but also in daily life. Creating a better understanding of your body and so called base of movement, you will pick up way faster on other difficult movements like Olympic Lifting for example.

Gymnastics is for members only and included in all memberships.

• Every Tuesday and Thursday at 20.30-22.00
• For all fitness levels
• Scalable and fun!

Your Program
a personal designed program.

Tailor made, for those who seek that extra bit of attention!

Like it’s name this is a 1 on 1 designer program to suit your needs in the world of fitness.
If it’s for losing some extra kg’s, extra attention on skill that you’re lacking behind on, more sport specific, or even competitive driven, whatever your goal is we can help you reach it with YourProgram.
For 6-8 weeks at the time you will receive a Tailor made schedule based on your goals. Together with your coach you will go through the movements and the idea behind your schedule and how to track results. For more info reach out to us by yourprogram@crossfitamsterdam.nl

Tailor made schedule for you and you only!

• 1 schedule every 6-8 weeks
• Personal

Just you and your ego!

• Yes, you may do bicepcurls in the squatrack (if it makes you happy)
• Be safe or sorry…
• Treat our box with respect to earn respect!

Open BOX
just you and your ego.

Ideal to work on whatever you wish…

Didn’t have time to WOD? Want to work on your chesticles, and secretly do bicep curls? Open Box is ideal to do so.
No coaching, it’s just you fighting your ego and pursuing your goal!

There’s just one rule… be safe or sorry…