Murph Fundraiser - January 18th

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14 January 2020 | by CrossFit Amsterdam

We often read the news or watch graphic images of events happening in the world right now. Often we sit back and feel helpless and ask ourselves what can we do to help.

As you may be aware there are large parts of Australia that have been burned  as the largest fire seen by this generation continues to burn uncontrollable. If you would like more understanding of the damage that has occurred to people, wildlife and nature please read the linked article below. 

There isn't a great deal we can do sitting in the comfort of our homes in the Netherlands, however what we can do is get together do a WOD and raise some money to help those we can. On Saturday 18th January, starting at 2:00pm, Crossfit Amsterdam will be running the hero wod Murph.  One of the great CrossFit Wods. We invite anyone to come and participate and all we ask is a small donation.  All monies raised will be donated to evenly to the following charities.

1. NSW Rural Fire Service -
2. Victorian Rural Fire Service -
3. Wires Animal -
4. Australian Red Cross -

I naturally have a very very large soft spot for Australia and can tell you that it is a nation that is resilent and tough, and that they will bounce back. But we can do a small part to help out.  

So lock it it your diary, get your leave pass from your partner, get a babysitter and raid the piggy bank and get down to CFA on the 18th!

The smallest of efforts are better than no effort at all.

Coach Dustin