What membership fits you best?

CrossFit is a very intense training method. Because our Workout Of the Day (WOD) varies every day and we train under high intensity, it is essential that you learn the right techniques of all movements that we use. Therefore we require that you follow the On Ramp Class before you can become a member of our Box.

Before you can join CrossFit Amsterdam, it is important that you follow the On Ramp Class (the ORC). In our ORC we’ll teach you the nine “Essential movements” in six classes. Plus we will go into depth in the fields of gymnastics, powerlifting, Olympic lifting and total body control.

During the six classes of our ORC we will also tell you about the basics of CrossFit and strength and we will teach you the 9 essential movements. These are six classes of 1 to 1.5 hours. You will learn how to perform some basic exercises using weights and how difficult it is to maintain proper technique when the intensity is increased in a WOD or strength.

It is important that we give you all the attention you need in these lessons. Therefore, we ensure that there are enough coaches to assist the group of new athletes and help where needed. These lessons are to be followed in one week, after which you can join in with the regular WODs. If you don’t succeed to follow all lessons within one week, you have a total of four weeks to make up the missed classes in another group. If you can’t make it to the scheduled lessons in 4 weeks, you can book the lessons you missed with a coach in a one-on-one session. Note: there are extra charges for the one-on-one. You can NOT train with the group if you didn’t complete the ORC.

If you have any questions about becoming a member head over to the contact section to get in touch.

3 Months6 Months1 YearPer WOD*
2WOD per week€ 85,-€ 75,-€ 65,-€ 6,92-
3WOD per week€ 95,-€ 85,-€ 75,-€ 5,38-
Unlimited€ 105,-€ 95,-€ 85,-€ 2,64-
Punchcard** (10 lessons)€ 130,-€ 13,-
Punchcard (10 lessons)
€ 100,-€ 10,-

* WOD price is an indication of what it would cost you per WOD if you had a 12 month membership
** The Punchcard is valid for 3 months. You can also use this for CrossFit@thePark.

The On Ramp Classes will cost €150, – per person. This contains your first CrossFit hours and when completed in one week you will get 3 weeks to WOD before your membership will start. In other words, your first month is included. After that you can decide which membership suits you best.