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The CrossFit Open Recap 19.3

Strictly speaking that was unexpected!

Friday the 8th of March, the dedicated and brave souls of the realm gathered once again to undertake another CrossFit Open workout.  This time armed with the knowledge that what lay waiting in front of them wasn’t the White walkers and the Night King (Dave Castro), but strict Handstand Push-ups.  In what some would consider a fate worse than beheading at the hands of King Joffrey, strict Handstand Push-ups represented a huge challenge for many athletes, including this author.  

However in order to get to the Battle of the Bastards and slay Ramsay Bolton (Strict HSPU), firstly you had to complete 200 feet of Overhead Dumbbell Lunging (gain the support of the Wildlings) and 50 weighted Box Step-ups (garner support of the Knights of the Vale), then you got an opportunity to wield your blade in the great battle and if you managed to be victorious and complete defeat 50 strict Handstand Push-ups you were then able to progress to battle the 200 feet of Handstand Walking or in this case the crazy Queen herself, Cersei.  

In what can only be described as the Battle of Winterfeld Version 2, all of our athletes went absolutely crazy.  After an emotional pre war speech, everyone was determined to get out some Handstand Push-ups.

After the Lunges and the Box Step-ups, it is fair to say that everyone’s shoulders were cooked and struggling to wield the required strength.  But, everyone challenged themselves and went about the impossible task.

There were some extraordinary efforts on the evening, and it’s hard to mention everyone however some notable performances:

  • Jon “Snow” Crockett getting through the entire 50 strict HSPU and getting a Handstand Walk-out.
  • Maarten “Jorah Mormont “ Greven, Daan “Tormund Giantsbane” Konning, Coach “Yara Greyjoy” Micky, Jamie “Lannister” Bodelon, Marnu “Greyworm” Breitenbach, Etienne “ Gregor Clegane” Lof, Masja “Melisandre” Kristelijn and Milou “Arya Stark” Schelling who all got their first strict Handstand Push-ups.  (There may have been others and I apologise if I missed you)
  • Tosca “Queen Margaery Tyrell” Leeuwestein banging out a 11 reps after telling the team she couldn’t do any at all.  

What will the open bring next week in the continuing saga of Fire and Ice? Will we see the rightful Queen (deadlifts) take the throne? Will the army of the north (Bar Muscle-ups) conquer the south (Chest to Bar Pull-ups)? Will Tyrion Lannister (Mark Schalkwijk) continue his impressive run up the leaderboard? Where and when will Euron Greyjoy (Thrusters) show up? I don’t know what will happen but I know that Winter is coming.

13 March 2019 | by CrossFit Amsterdam