CrossFit Kids
little superheroes and power princesses.

If only we had this opportunity when we were young…

For our little Superheroes and Power-Princesses!
In these classes we’re teaching “the future generation” how to move and move perfectly with sooooo much fun, in a way that our adult athletes end up wishing they were kids again.
It’s a special designed program in which we teach them the basics of CrossFit, how to set up for success in life and grow up like superhumans! To us, success is not wealth but it’s health and fitness. And being a superhuman is not just something you do, it is mainly who you are as a person! Therefore we teach our little wolfpack the values of our CFA community.

SuperDAD & WonderMOM WOD

Every Sunday morning we’ve programmed a Parent|Kids WOD so you can WOD together with your kid!
No worries, your kid(s) will make sure you don’t need that alarm clock anyway…
Especially now we’ve programmed our Superdad & Wondermom WODs.
Yes, at this hour parents get to be a KID again! Learning skills together, doing a WOD together and of course we always end the class with a GAME!
Besides all the fun, this is great for bonding with your child.

CrossFit KIDS is for members and non-members!
We just want KIDS to have the time of their lives with us and in the mean time we’ll teach them all there is to know about movement, health and fitness. In short: “CrossFit“.

• Special programming
• Tryout is FREE
• Sundays* 10:00 – 10:45 h.

Would you like to introduce our CrossFit KIDS program to your school? Contact us!

* Our Sunday kids class is a Parent|Kids class. This lesson is for (parent)members only!