02 October 2020 | by CrossFit Amsterdam



The best Frenchie we know!
Our dear friend and Weightlifting Coach, Fabien! We love his style of coaching and how he is with our athletes. Fabien knows a lot and really knows how to help you improve your skills. He has a trained eye for movement and teaches our Weightlifting classes like no other. If you haven't met him yet, it's time you sign up on Wednesday nights.

When did you start CrossFit?
I started CrossFit in January 2016.
A Rugby friend of mine was opening his gym just below a tattoo shop.
I booked an appointment to get my shoulder done at the tatoo shop and my friend told me to come down after and try CrossFit with them. So,I asked the tattooer if there was any issue with sweating on my brand new one and he gave me the go.
Right away I fell in love with the sport, but mostly the philosophy of the methodology and I never stopped.

What are your favorite CrossFit movements?
I’m not a strong guy, by definition, so I like complicated movements, cause this is where mastery shows up the most.
I would say Ring Muscle-Ups and Squat Snatches, probably :)

You have been coaching for a few years now, what do you love most about your job?
Helping people to achieve things they thought impossible is the most exciting part of my job.
My climax is reached with tiny ladies succeed their very first rope climb after five minutes of skills and drills!
It’s an amazing job and so rewarding when you see how members grow with CrossFit...

Is there something you want to learn or get better at?
Hahah, ik spreek geen Nederlands, Maar ik would like to learn it.
One of my goals for 2021 is taking Dutch classes :P

Tell us about your love for Weightlifting.
Funny enough, I’m not more in love with Weightlifting than Gymnastics or Metabolic Conditioning.
I just know 1 or 2 things about it. I’m a pain in the ass coach, who sees where we have space for improvement, and the members joining the WL classes are masochists enough to come and listen to what I have to say about their mechanics!

What is your favorite quote?
“With great abilities come great responsibilities; great power comes with great assignments. With great age comes great reasoning; great actions come great experience. With great battles come great victories; great trees come with great tap roots.
However, if a little faith can move great mountains, what then will a great faith do? Mysterious things, I guess”

What do you miss most about France?
French assholes, with their french bad words…
Hahah, no, friends and family, mostly.

Tell us your best joke
I only have a Dad Joke right now, so fasten your seat belts:
Don’t eat french fish: it’s poisson!
Sorry about that.

Who is your favorite CrossFit athlete and why?
Rich Froning and Tia Clair Toomey.
Don’t ask me why, they have an aura…
I crossed their path in 2019 in the CrossFit Games athletes hall, and you knew that they were in the building as soon as they opened the doors, you know: You feel something over your shoulder, you turn around: BANG! They are here. It's special.
And of course your Dutch athlete Leonie Henrich, for her dedication to achieve her goal, and her eagerness to continue to become a better person every day. Might be related to the fact that we live together, though.

Is there something you are really proud of?
I’m proud of my family.
Happy to be surrounded by genuinely good human beings.
Couldn't be more proud of my nephew and my niece. They didn’t start their life in a great situation, but when I see what they are becoming, I’m really proud to be their uncle :)