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WOD 17-12-2017

WOD A. Muscle Up Practice B. Snatch Practice(After time to work up to your best Power/Squat Snatch)

WOD 16-12-2017

WOD A. (Jerk Block) Cleans5|3|3″ B. Front Squat5|3|3″1-0-1-0 C. Benchmark – “Annie”50-40-30-20-10 of:– Double Unders– (Abmat) Sit Ups

WOD 15-12-2017

WOD A. Wall Climbers3|5|’60 B. Sots Press 5|3|’20 C. (Weighted) Pull Ups3|5-8|2″1-0-1-0 D. 5 Rounds of:– 5 Mtr Handstand Walk – 10 Shoulder to Overhead 60/40kg– 10 Overhead Squats 60/40kg– 5 Mtr Handstand Walk

WOD 14-12-2017

WOD A. 10 Min. EMOM of 1 (leg less) Rope Climb B. Sandbag Complex! C. 3 Rounds of:– 200 Mtr Sandbag Carry Black/Green– 100 Mtr Walking Lunges– 50 Sit Ups

WOD 13-12-2017

WOD A. Clean5|2|’900-3-x-0 B. HeroWOD – “Kalsu”For time:– 100 Thrusters 61/43kg– 5 Burpees at the top of every min. Note: Start the WOD with 5 Burpees. Then complete as many Thrusters as possible until the min. is up!Repeat until 100 total Thrusters are completed.

WOD 12-12-2017

WOD A. Back Squat – Cluster Set @5RM3|5×2|’20|3″1-0-1-0 B. For time:– 50 Consecutive Double Unders– 50 Pull Ups– 40 Consecutive Double Unders– 40 Pull Ups– 30 Consecutive Double Unders– 30 Pull Ups– 20 Consecutive Double Unders– 20 Pull Ups– 10 Consecutive Double Unders– 10 Pull Ups Note: Bring your Speedrope along!

WOD 11-12-2017

WOD A. 5-4-3-2-1 of:– Wall Climbers– KB Goblet Squats 24/16kg (10 Sec. bottem pos.) B. HeroWOD – “Gwen” 15-12-9 of Clean & Jerks! Note: 1) Choose a weight, 2) Touch an Go only at the floor; NO dumping (Rest only off the ground), 3) NO Re-grip allowed, 4) Rest as needed in between sets, 5) […]

WOD 10-12-2017

WOD A. Double Tabata – Sled Drag Anyhow for Mtr. B. For time:– 50 Consecutive Double Unders– 50 Push Ups– 40 Consecutive Double Unders– 40 Push Ups– 30 Consecutive Double Unders– 30 Push Ups– 20 Consecutive Double Unders– 20 Push Ups– 10 Consecutive Double Unders– 10 Push Ups Note: Bring your Speedrope along!

WOD 09-12-2017

WOD A. KB Turkish Get Up3|8 (L+R)|’60 B. Split Squat3|8 (L+R)|’60 C. For time:– 800 Mtr Run– 50 Box Jumps 60/50cm– 40 Pistol Squats (Alt.)– 30 Toes to Bar– 20 Handstand Push Ups– 10 Rope Climbs– 400 Mtr Run

WOD 08-12-2017

WOD A. 10 Min. EMOM of 1 (leg less) Rope Climb B. Benchmark – ” Fractured Fran”5 Rounds of:– 9 Thrusters 43/30kg– 9 Pull Ups