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We’re on black!

Box Closed!  On this Saturday we have our own inhouse competition going on. “Who is the Fittest of the box” Spectators are welcome, just come on over and cheer on your fellow athletes. See you then! ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ “Black is Back”In the week of Black Friday, we ARE on BLACK! So for all you cherrypickers and WOD preparers… this week is gonna […]

We’re on black!

“Black is Back”In the week of Black Friday, we ARE on BLACK! So for all you cherrypickers and WOD preparers… this week is gonna be, a week of mysterie!Be prepared for the known and unknowable… Yes this is what CrossFit is all about! Next week we’ll be back with our normal WOD posts, so the OCD people among us […]

WOD 15-11-2018

Workout of the Day A. Skill/Tech work on: Toes to Bar B. Ascending ladder of:10 Double Unders and 1 T2Bevery round add 10 more DU’s and add 1 T2B, untill you can’t perform the T2B unbroken anymore.  C. For time 1500 m. Row100 Overhead Stepping Lunges 40/ 30kg 50 US Ketllebell Swings 28/ 20kg* every 90 sec. […]

WOD 14-11-2018

Workout of the Day A. 12 min. EMOM of the Triplet:1st min: ME Hollow Hold2nd min: 10 Strict Presses 3rd min: 20 Back Extensions B. 5 rounds of the Triplet:16 Dumbbell Snatches 22.5/ 15kg8 Burpees over the Dumbbell4 Bar Muscle-Up_____ Related: the Bar Muscle-Up explained by Invictus Gymnastics ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Specialty Class: “Olympic Lifting by WeLift” A. […]

WOD 13-11-2018

Workout of the Day A. BenchpressYou have 10 min. to find your 5 RM.Then perform: 2 | ME 50% of 5 rm | 2″ (as coach Ivo says… ” ff pompen”) B. 25 min. AMRAP400m. RunHeartbeat below 130 is green light! Note: 15 sec x 4 is heartbeat_____ Related: How to set-up properly on the Bench Press […]

WOD 12-11-2018

Workout of the Day A. Tech/ Skill work on:Split Jerk B. 15 min to find your heaviest complex of:– 1 Squat Clean & 2 Split Jerks Note: you can’t let go of the bar in between reps.  _____ Related: Split Jerk by our specialty coaches from WeLift

WOD 11-11-2018

Workout of the Day A. 3 Supersets with 3 min. rest between rounds of: – ME Pull-Ups– 8 L + 8 R Dumbbell Rows B. 10-8-6-4-2 reps for time of:– Sandbag over the shoulder– Shuttle Sprints over 20 m.  note: shuttle sprints are also 10-8-6-4-2  

WOD 10-11-2018

Workout of the Day A. 12 min. EMOM– Odd: 1 Legless Rope climb– Even: ME strict Toes to Bar B. In Buddies 500 m. Ski-erg30 Handstand Push Ups 30 Ring Dips500 m. Ski-erg20 Handstand Push Ups 20 Ring Dips500 m. Ski-erg10 Handstand Push Ups 10 Ring Dips500 m. Ski-erg ____ Related: Legless Rope Climb, kip swing by […]

WOD 08-11-2018

Workout of the Day A. Snatch High Pull4 | 2 | ’90 B. Hang Power Snatch5 | 2 not heavier than 60% | ’90 C. Hang Squat Snatch4 | 1 | 2″ D. Death by: Hang Squat Snatch @70%_____Related: demo Hang Squat Snatch by WODstar _________________________________ Specialty Class: “Powerlifting” A. Back Squat3 | 5-8 | 3″ […]