Do you have
what it takes?

Our motto is “Train hard, relax hard!” Therefore, to us CrossFit is not just a sport, it’s a lifestyle.

CrossFit Amsterdam is one of the oldest boxes in “The BENELUX” and hence expert in CrossFit. We were the first to start CrossFit in Amsterdam in 2009. With our close and driven group of athletes we are always trying to get the best out of ourselves to be as fit as possible. We are welcoming other people to join us and strengthen our community. If you train with us you will find out that we will do anything to test our limits. We expect the same of you! Do you have what it takes?

CrossFit Amsterdam is one of the oldest boxes in “The Benelux”!

CrossFit Amsterdam is not just a crossfit box . We are committed to our athletes , know the athletes by name and know per individual what movements go better than others. We find it important that everyone gets personal attention, books progress and exercises with proper technique. We always strive for quality, in every WOD! We seriously believe in virtuosity and think that all athletes should work hard to learn to do the common movements, uncommonly well.

We will get you better than you’ve ever been!

We want to get the people who train with us as fit as possible. That is, as fit as possible within the capabilities of the person. Fit for us means strong, fast, explosive, agile and flexible. And all of this in combination with the cardio of a beast. We achieve this through workouts that vary every day, we train at high intensity and with functional movements only.

We learn from the best!

We learn from specialists in various fields within the sport. Learning from the best gives the best results.
What people work best with their bodyweight? Gymnasts! Who are the strongest? Power lifters and strong-man figures. Who are the most explosive? The oly- lifters. And who have the best endurance? Runners, cyclists, rowers and swimmers. Mix all these parts and change them regularly under high intensity and you have CrossFit in its purest form !

We train in groups with a maximum of 16 people. All coaches are well trained and look very critically at every move. Quality and attention are our priority. This prevents injuries caused by incorrect movements and we get the best out of each athlete. We don’t feel for the ‘FitNIKS’ industry and don’t connect with body building or aesthetic training. We have no mirrors, no machines, no excuses! Training as training is intended and eventually the looks will come naturally.

Are you ready to start your journey to fitness?
Are you willing to give it all you’ve got?
Are you gonna stop making excuses and just go for it?
Are you ready?

We are! And we can’t wait to meet you and welcome you to our community!
“A community of people who have decided that easy will no longer suffice!”